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Thanks holdin’ it down in NZ, in the black on black HOOD Jersey. Be sure check out his mix below

Thats that shit

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A rare interview with one of our greatest inspirations- Sk8thing.

The last question about where they fit in and what is ‘streetwear’ we found particularly interesting hearing his point of view.

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Street, 2011
Todd James, Barry McGee, Stephen Powers, Devin Flynn, Josh Lazcano, Dan Murphy, and Alexis Ross

Installation at “Art In The Streets”, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Directors: Andy Bruntel & Felipe Lima
DP: C. R. Stecyk III
Producers: Bret Nicely & Jett Steiger
Camera: Larkin Donley
Sound: Owen Granich-Young

Lotion man, God damn

The Kool Keith Show